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NSFW: Prius Truth

I do not dispute the fact that Toyota has experienced a few issues with their cars. I also am pretty sure that the situation has been WAY overblown by folks who are A) idiots, or B) opportunistic scammers looking for a payoff, or C) a combination of the previous.


Get Your Bang On

Nerds have really gone mainstream. Evidence is the popularity of the TV The Big Bang Theory. The little bits of clothing kitsch are becoming de facto clothing must haves. Now you can actually get the stuff worn on the show… I’m kinda leaning toward the ferrous wheel shirt worn by Leonard.


It’s In The Hole!

With regular TV getting more “relaxed” by the moment, it’s a wonder that this commercial was turned down by “TheBigGame” execs…


Getting Stronger Every Day

Marketing is an art. Good marketing requires an artist…


Choosing Between UPS & FedEx

Some will already point out that I am not including USPS in this. Easy. Their tracking system sucks. Now that we have that settled, time to move on. Both of these companies provide domestic shipping services with excellent tracking abilities. That is where the similarities end. For 99.9% of my package shipping, I choose UPS. Both will pick up at my doorstep or allow me to drop off in a variety of convenient locations. Both allow me to create a shipment transaction online. Both are reasonably priced. It’s when you bring up the subject of integrity that the choice is really made.

Both companies are not perfect and make mistakes. Time and time again… FedEx has lied to me about those mistakes. Several years ago I was to receive a rather large package from overseas. This package was filled with holiday presents and was insured at a rather high value. It also required an adult signature to deliver. You guessed it: the large package was left on my doorstep and it was subsequently stolen. I went through months of arguing with FedEx until they finally admitted that they were wrong. Recently, I was awaiting a shipment from New Mexico. It was supposed to be delivered on the 10th. Then it got changed to the 11th. That’s not a big deal. The night of the 11th (about 7:30pm), there’s a FedEx van out front. I walk out and ask if the driver has a package for me. “Maybe.” He spends an hour rummaging, giving me some story about how he didn’t load the truck and maybe the package is on this truck or another truck. He leaves. I check the tracking and it says that there is an exception: “Customer not available or business closed – Adult signature required”. That’s a complete fabrication. I was there the whole time. FedEx lost the package yesterday and cannot actually confirm that it is on the truck for delivery today. That makes at least one big fat lie and three days shot waiting for something to arrive that needs a signature.

What can brown do for me? Just what you have done before: tell me the truth when things go wrong.


Genius or WTF?

The plastic water bottle is the modern equivalent of cigarette butt trash from the 70’s… everywhere. So is water in a box the next great idea?


Service Industry Lessons

The epic movie Lonesome Dove had its moments. One of the best was this little lesson on customer interaction in the food service industry…