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A Kick in the Crotch

Posts have been few lately. Sorry about that. I’ve spent the last year getting healthier than I have pretty much ever been. Got a new pain management doc who did wonders with my neck and neuropathy. Went from about 20 pills a day to 2. All along, though, my blood work was a little wonky. My GP tests me regularly because I take Lipitor for cholesterol issues. Well, after a year of abnormal test results and no sign of infection… I got sent to the hematologist. 8 days ago I received my diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It cannot be cured. But with treatment, it looks like I can live a very full life and “likely die of something else”. So rather than be depressed over the fact that I have CANCER, I’m actually glad that my docs caught it. If this goes untreated, there would have been a lot of really important stuff that I would have missed.

Right now I am in the process of being “staged” which involves a variety of tests, some tedious, some disgusting (banana flavor does NOT make barium better), some that just seem to take forever… When that is over, my hematologists/oncologists and my specialist from MD Anderson will get their heads together and figure out what kind of lovely chemotherapy I get to have. I’ll keep you posted.

The name of this blog is “Non Sequitur”, which roughly translates from the Latin as “it does not follow”. I thought it was appropriate because my stream of consciousness thought process is usually a bit disjointed. Turns out that Leukemia is the same way. I feel fine. I actually feel much better than I have in quite some time. I don’t feel sick in any way. It does not follow that this has happened.