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Am I the only one who thinks that the Biohazard symbol looks like a pile of fingernail clippings?


Arby’s: Bad Omen?

I’m thinking that Arby’s was a bad move for lunch today. My youngest spawn pointed to my curly fries and asked “what happened to that one?”… It was kinda distorted and I realized that it looked like an Ebola virus. I also realized that there was absolutely no way I could explain Ebola to blossoming teen girl whose only item of fixation was the Jonas Brothers. So I ate it.


Travel Alert: Cincinnati

As if you needed another reason to never ever visit Cincinnati: The Marilyn Monroe look-a-like contest.

Marilyn Monroe look-alike contestants Julie Meyer of Covington, left and Kelly Sengewald of Mt. Healthy give their best impression on stage for the Hollywood Casino Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest on Fountain Square Friday June 26.


Medical Treatment Frontiers

I cannot remember on which blog I saw the leader for this story. The gist of it is that hookworms and tapeworms may have some role in treating various diseases and conditions. I opened the home page for this little enterprise and got distracted by other things. Just came back to it and have spent a lot of time rummaging, being incredulous and generally grossed out. For $2,400 you can get dosed up with a couple of dozen hookworms:

The conditions that are actively being researched are Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Asthma, Allergies, Coeliac disease, Eczema, Multiple Sclerosis, and Psoriasis. There are theoretical reasons to believe that Atherosclerosis, Depression, Grave’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Sjorgen’s syndrome, Lupus, Migraine, Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasic Arthritis and Diabetes type I might respond.

Or how about a hungry tapeworm for $1300? The site says that it might be useful for weight loss therapy.


My Borther From Another Father

The two Dallas, Texas area kids were born just seven minutes apart and were carried to term by the same mother. A mother who gave birth to the two “twins” said she had an affair that resulted in the two babies who were born at the same time, but fathered by two different men. So they are not really brothers. The precise medical term isheteropaternal superfecundation. The accepted term in the more popular vernacular is cheatin’. I’m so proud they all come from Texas…


Turn Back Time: Cher

Okay… It’s not the most stunning image in the world. But you’ve got to give Cher, who is now 62, credit for at least trying to re-create her 20 year old video image. Some would think “not hot”. I’m thinking that it’s hotter than most 62 year old women that I know and that I would never have the courage to do that NOW, much less in my 60’s. More pictures and background story.


Next Olympic Sport?

Some folks want pole dancing added to the roster of Olympic events. Why not? The scoring system could be something along the lines of tallying up how many dollar bills the judges throw on stage. It’s got to be better than 31 hours of synchronized male diving…