A Kick in the Crotch

Posts have been few lately. Sorry about that. I’ve spent the last year getting healthier than I have pretty much ever been. Got a new pain management doc who did wonders with my neck and neuropathy. Went from about 20 pills a day to 2. All along, though, my blood work was a little wonky. My GP tests me regularly because I take Lipitor for cholesterol issues. Well, after a year of abnormal test results and no sign of infection… I got sent to the hematologist. 8 days ago I received my diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It cannot be cured. But with treatment, it looks like I can live a very full life and “likely die of something else”. So rather than be depressed over the fact that I have CANCER, I’m actually glad that my docs caught it. If this goes untreated, there would have been a lot of really important stuff that I would have missed.

Right now I am in the process of being “staged” which involves a variety of tests, some tedious, some disgusting (banana flavor does NOT make barium better), some that just seem to take forever… When that is over, my hematologists/oncologists and my specialist from MD Anderson will get their heads together and figure out what kind of lovely chemotherapy I get to have. I’ll keep you posted.

The name of this blog is “Non Sequitur”, which roughly translates from the Latin as “it does not follow”. I thought it was appropriate because my stream of consciousness thought process is usually a bit disjointed. Turns out that Leukemia is the same way. I feel fine. I actually feel much better than I have in quite some time. I don’t feel sick in any way. It does not follow that this has happened.

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  1. July 15, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Well, this truly bites… and not in the good sense. I’m glad you finally saw a doctor who thought to do more than prescribe pills, and that you’re going to be starting some kind of treatment now. Considering all of the health efforts you’ve made over the past year, you may very well have given yourself even better leverage in kicking this thing’s ass.

    And don’t forget, I always have a spare foot to lend in the kicking, and a spare shoulder if you need one to rest on.

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