Jumping the Shark in Life

If one devotes enough attention to the subject, it’s quite easy to determine when we made the transition from youth to adult. Sure, some of us never quite make it all the way… That said, there is usually one defining moment when things just changed. When our wonderful youth managed to jump the shark. That moment, for me, was during a rather animated session of Dungeons and Dragons, 1983 to be exact.

There was a group of us that maintained a regular game with some pretty long-lived characters. We thought ourselves a cut above the average D&D group because we had been together on the game for so long and were now legally consuming adult beverages while doing so. One Sunday evening we were involved with a rather intricate campaign and it was getting a bit late. We had run out of water and things were looking a bit dire for the troupe. The Dungeon Master rolled the dice several times and announced to one of our intrepid “Your thirst has become dire and your health and judgment are being affected. What do you do?” At that point, the gamer contemplated her next moves, squirmed a bit and blurted “I’ll drink my pee! It’s sterile, you know?!”

It was at that point that I knew my life had changed forever and that I would need to leave the bulk of my youth behind. (And be thoroughly grossed out for days…)


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  1. 1 anna
    February 15, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    ah, Folloder. I’ve missed your posts.

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