Vonage Uses All of Downstream?

It doesn’t happen to many folks, but it does happen to some. And it’s a problem that is not easy to replicate on the tech support side of things…

You have a shiny Internet connection with gobs of bandwidth. You hook up the Vonage stuff and it works. But you notice that your download bandwidth has been murdered. As in, 90% of your available download bandwidth is being soaked up even when you are not using the phone attached to Vonage. Vonage is only supposed to use 90k in both directions at max. In my case a 6 meg download line that provided nominal bandwidth of 5.23 meg was being knocked down to less than .5 meg. Ugh. Called phone support which suggested that a new adapter would solve the problem. It didn’t. Then got in an email support march that wanted to send yet another adapter. That didn’t help. Then the email folks suggested that this was out of their control and that I should just go buy a third party adapter. Huh? One last phone call to tech support.

Kelly answered the call after I navigated the barely tolerable automated voice response system. I described the problem to Kelly. Kelly knew exactly what the problem is and apologized for the lack of help offered by previous reps. Apparently, there is some kind of DNS conflict that can occur between the Vonage box and some home routers. Mine was one of them. Here’s how Kelly told me to set up my Vonage box:

  • Assign a static IP to the Vonage adapter in the Vonage configuration manager.
  • In the same manager, assign a new primary and secondary DNS. We used OpenDNS
  • Click the apply button.

That’s it. Really. All is well.

Update: Not so much. Now my speed is back in the dumper and I am talking with somebody who has a thick Indian accent who wants to start all over. Her fixes were temporary.

Jason has remotely rolled back my firmware thinking that will solve my issues. He’s going to call back in four hours to make sure that all is still well.

Bill got involved late Tuesday. He tried a few things. But it was no help. He said that he had to bump me up to “Tier 2” support. They were unavailable, so he made an appointment to call me back on Wednesday. The time came and went with no contact.

It’s now Thursday.


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