Bush = Obama

Do you really need *any* special observational skills to realize that we are getting more of the same from our President of Change? C’mon, politicians lie. Politicians will say and do anything to accomplish one goal: re-election. There is no fundamental difference between Bush and Obama. The pristine new savior of the country and its conscience didn’t take long to prove that his resolve is made of over-cooked pasta. Guantanamo closure? Flip flop.¬† Guantanamo prisoner status? Back to Bush’s plan. “I’ll never tax your health care benefits!”? Utter bullshit as that is now “on the table and you can be sure that it will happen. And all the promises to the gay community? Not quite so much. Congratulations to President Obamush. You did bring some change. You’ve trashed the rights of some (bond and equity owners) in favor of others (union workers) to prop up a few industry players that have categorically proven that they are no longer even close to competitive. Here’s to the hope that the Repukes can take back control of Congress so that we will once again have grid-lock on the Hill. It’s gotta be better than change.


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