Oh Hubble, Where Art Thou?

The Hubble orbiting telescope has undoubtedly provided some of the most amazing astronomical images ever seen. Over the couse of its career it has produced a stunning amount of data by way of those images and observations. Did you know that you can actually access that data? Of course, it’s in its raw form… To beautify it you need to process it, which means subtracting a dark frame, a bias frame, dividing by the flat field, flagging bad pixels, combining multiple exposures to get rid of cosmic rays, performing a geometric correction… and if you want color, you have to do that for the other filters used in the observation, and then combining those using Photoshop or some other software. But if you are game, head on over to the master Hubble database and have at it. You are gonna need to get your geek on to even query the database, so be warned! BTW, images that are not at least one year old will not be available.


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