The Cracked Guide to Tats

I will admit that there are a very few folks for whom tats are an important part of their serious psyche. This reprint is not about them. Cracked.com does a great job of breaking down tats for those that do not have them.

There are some important questions to ask before getting a tattoo:

  • Have I wanted this for more than five minutes?
  • Am I, at this particular instant in sidereal time, drunk off my face?
  • Do the tattoo artist’s past works resemble an art class for crash-helmet testers?
  • I meet the love of my life.  I romance them for months, reaching a point where we can communicate our very deepest emotions and feel that we almost share souls (awwww).  At this point, can I see myself naked and explaining this tattoo?

Just The Facts

  • Tattoos theoretically could be thoughtful additions to your appearance. Unfortunately there are thousands of tattoo parlors (many open 24 hours) and people just don’t have that many thoughts. So most are stupid.
  • Tattoos are permanent. Your motivation/blood-alcohol level is not.
  • Tattoos are now as edgy as a padded watermelon.

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