Paul Simon’s Kodachrome Fear Realized

Don’t blame Mama. She didn’t take the Kodachrome away. But Eastman Kodak has decided to discontinue the product. Hell, there’s only one Kodachrome lab left! I rember… as a wee lad… learning how to use a camera and develop my own film and print my own images. Kodachrome was my first foray into real color photography. Unfortunately, I really cannot remember the last time I used real film.


1 Response to “Paul Simon’s Kodachrome Fear Realized”

  1. 1 Anna
    June 23, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    I saw this is the news and it made me sad (it also made me sing that song for the rest of the day, which I have a feeling will happen again, damn it.) I last used real film in February, but when I tried to take it to CVS to get it developed, they didn’t know what it was. I’m serious. The girl tried to scan it and ring it up.

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