For Breast Results

Donna B., of commenting fame, wanted to know if men really like coconut shell boobs. This query was the result of a picture I had used in a previous post. I opined (sorry for using your blog title) that I did not believe that was so. It has been my experience that most men prefer au natural to the immovable mountain. I’ll further opine that fake boobs are done one of two ways… In the first case, they are done with the same aim as electric green hair color is done: to scream out “look at me!” The second case is when the breasts are done so well that one cannot tell they are fake. The first is cheap and crass while the second is done to compliment nature (not spite it).

So, what does the perfect breast look like?

I used the picture above in a post about the young lady who was harassed by TSA for a nipple ring. I think that many would say that this breast is quite attractive. The nipple hardware doesn’t do a whole lot for me, but is that a surgical scar under the breast? And if it is and if the boob is fake, is it less attractive?


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