A Canned Response

I used to have a rather negative opinion of canned goods. I’m pretty sure that asparagus is the cause of that. You see, most canned asparagus tastes phlegm and has the consistency of white school paste. Canned goods achieved a space in my priority list reserved for things that I was too lazy to do myself: tomato sauce, beans, etc. Then a friend of mine brought back a steamer trunk sized cache of canned goods from a trip to France. Tasty duck! My opinion of canned goods changed. I regularly begged him to bring me back some French canned yumminess whenever he made his vacation. I have to say that the duck and the pate were always amazing. Now, my opinion of canned goods has dropped into the crapper again. From DigYourOwnGrave comes a pictorial documentation of German made cheeseburger in a can.

I believe I’ll avoid this canned delicacy…


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