Panhandling in Cali

California is proof. When the money runs out, folks don’t want to cough up more. “Beyond Draconian” is the term being bandied about to describe the proposed cuts. Some 235,000 state workers will have to take a 5 percent pay cut. Of the state’s 279 state parks, 200 will be closed. Schwarzenegger’s plan to dismantle the Cal Grant program — considered one of the nation’s best programs to help poorer students cover full fees or tuition at public colleges — would make California the first US state to eliminate student financial aid while raising tuition. A massive plan to overhaul healthcare in state prisons will be scaled back. A Senate bill which would have created a state-run system to provide healthcare to every Californian has been scrapped. A CalWorks program providing medical, dental, and vision care to 90,000 children will be eliminated. Hundreds of new spending programs have been sidelined, and the local budgets of cities and counties have been raided to make ends meet. California loves it’s wonderful programs, but turned down 5 measures in a recent election to actually pay for them. Oops.


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  1. May 30, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Anyone can take part in this history in order to say NO to the Fascists, racists and the extremist…
    Thanks for the support and the solidarity from the members of the civil society.


    Premised that Miss Rossi or Mr. Bianchi had both 27 years exactly as me in 1990 and was engaged for the affirmation of plans of their life like all the human beings after waiting or study years in order to find a job, but suddenly something gone rung, not for reasons of natural calamity, war, scarcity, political repression… like that happening to the refugees and the displeased ones that suddenly collapses the sky on them and lean and lose all! In this case the cause could be justified, but if

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