Broken Rule

I’ve had a computer or two in my hands for a *very* long time. Let’sjust  say that I still have a TRS80 Model II (with cassette drive) in a well-padded and sealed box in storage… I manage to make my computers last, though. I try to buy toward the top of the heap when it is time for a new one and take care of the thing. That has usually meant an outlay of $2,000-3,000. The uber geeks always said that the computer you want costs at leat $2,000. It would appear to be no longer true.

  • Intel Core2 Quad Q8200
  • 4G of RAM
  • 640G SATA Hard Drive
  • 512M Dual DVI Output GeForce Video Card (have my own flat panels)
  • 16X Optical Drive Burner (adding my own second)
  • Integrated 7.1 Audio (have my own speakers)

Under $700. I’m not too thrilled about having to use Vista64 to take true advantage of the Quad and the RAM…


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  1. June 2, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 and only 540 gig HD… with equivalent video, sound, etc. My son built it for me and I doubt he spent $700 on it, but since it was my Mother’s Day present, he didn’t tell me.

    I’m still using XP so I don’t get the full advantage of my new hardware.

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