The Credit Card Thing, Part II

Recently, I made a post about the new credit card legislation passed by the Senate. There’s been a lot of speculation as to how this bit of law will affect consumers. Here’s a great true/false piece on what to take away from the bill. Of course, I’m thoroughly amused that a piece of legislation was quietly slipped into the fine print of the bill… and it got swept into the master plan with hardly a peep. What am I prattling on about? An amendment to this bill includes a provision to allow the carrying of loaded weapons into national parks. That means that a whole bunch of Democrats will be presenting the President with legislation that expands the legal use of firearms, as opposed to contracting it.

Yep, a bill whose main purpose was to protect consumers from “the fine print” got piggybacked with some fine print of its own. This is known as legislative extortion. But lest anyone cry foul, this has been a part of the legislative status quo for ages. It would be solved by a line item veto provision for the President, but whenver the issue came down to it, no Congress could actually get behind it because it’s the only way they know of to get things accomplished when there are opposing dogmatic viewpoints (always).


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