Gun Myths #2

Myth: .50 caliber rifles are evil and should be banned

.50 caliber rifles can knock the fuel line of an airliner at a mile. A .50 can penetrate concrete bumkers. The .50 is the favorite weapon of terrorists. .50 Shooters are terrorists in training. The Founding Fathers never envisioned a rifle round that big. This some of the utter horse patootie one hears.

Facts:  Most expert long distance shooters cannot hit a stationary target under perfect, windless conditions at that distance. Ill-trained terrorists shooting a high-recoil .50 at fast moving targets (what is the speed of an airliner?) have no chance. Ground operations with a fully auto .50, sniping parked jets, air to air combat in full auto? Sure. None of those are terrorist operations. .50’s are heavy (20-45 pounds), expensive ($2,500-$10,000+ with ammo going from $3-$100 per round), mostly ridiculous to conceal (they’re big horkin’ rifles for the most part) and impractical. A fully automatic AK-47 can be had in Pakistan for less than $200 (for another gun myth post). The average US .50 shooter/owner is a successful business man with an annual income of $50,000+ (Congressional testimony of John Burtt). The guns of the early American republic were larger that the .50. Some were as high as .812 caliber, but most were between .60 and .75. According to the General Accounting Office (GAO) in report #OSI-99-15R, revised 10/21/2001, .50 caliber rifles have been used in 18 crimes in the history of the US. The misguided terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center buildings used box cutters…

Net learning: Banning .50’s will have zero effect on gun crimes and terrorists.


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