Boobies For Everyone

If you are wondering what nationalized health care will mean for you… Have a look toward the UK. One of the problems with nationalizing health care is that somebody has to decide who gets what and in whay order. For instance, there may be folks waiting for life saving medicines or surgeries. What types of procedures and treatments gain precedence over others. For instance, if you are a 17 year old girl named Amanda Ryan and are little stressed because you think that other girls in school have bigger tits than you do… go talk to your guidance counselor. Girls under 18 are almost always turned down [for this procedure], but after hearing how the stress of being flat-chested was making Amanda grumpy a counselor at her health center put her forward. To the tune of £4,000 (almost $6,000 US). Yep, a free boob job for an anxious teen.


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