A Pharmaceutical Evaluation

Just like everyone else, I am getting older. Combine that with a family history, a couple of diagnosed issues and other various maladies, the number of pills I’m supposed to take each day is somewhat staggering. Part of the fistfull of prescriptions is the management of chronic pain. Recently I am of the thought that the pills I take every day to manage this pain, and their side effects, are marginally better than just enduring the pain. So I stopped taking them. No withdrawal. And yes, I hurt a lot. But my skin doesn’t itch and I have a bit more energy. Now I am left with trying to figure out which state of being is better for me. My doctor has referred me to a Pain Management specialist. We shall see.


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  1. 1 Anna
    April 16, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    good luck with that

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