Asparagus Jones

I enjoy asparagus. I like it steamed as a side, chopped up in a stir fry, pickled as a munchie, marinated and more. However, I had never even heard of fried asparagus. And this is somewhat perplexing as Ihave lived almost my entire life in Texas… where we will fry and eat just about anything after it has been deep fried. So imagine my surprise when I was at a restaurant in rural Southern Illinois and saw fried asparagus on the menu. I immediately ordered it and was munching away in short order with an evil grin on my face. Last night, I made up some beer batter (traditional Easter fare, eh?) and dressed the asparagus. Dunked them in the fryer until they were golden, sprinkled some salt, served them with some sides of bleu cheese dressing, horseradish cream and ranch dressing. Several pounds of asparagus were immediately pillaged by the gathered minions. The bodily effects were noticed within 15 minutes.


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