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Bumper Stickers at the Creek

The Knob Creek machine gun shoot is over for now. Held just south of Louisville, Kentucky, this festival of weaponry attracts a rather interesting crowd with some rather distinct political and emotional predilections. Most of these get expressed on t-shirts or bumper stickers. Lot’s of folks selling bumper stickers at the show and many of them were just plain given away. Here are the notable ones that I considered to be “new”. Of particular note is that many of these stickers, printed at some expense to the creator, were replete with a complete lack of understanding on how to spell words with contractions or capitalization…

  • “just because barney frank likes to bend over dose’nt mean we all do.”
  • “If you don’t want to be called one Don’t act like one!!!”
  • “you’r busting my balls barack you’r busting my balls”
  • “Nancy Pelosi¬†¬† I hate that guy!!!”