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Black Beans… Yummy

Sometimes simple really is best. Get a bunch of black beans, a fist full of fresh cilantro, a couple of onions, and some Shiner Bock beer. Rinse the beans well and put ’em in a stock pot. Cover them with water plus an inch or so. Add a dash of salt and bring to a roiling boil. Cut the heat back and allow to simmer, uncovered. Finely dice two or three sweet onions (1015’s are better than Vidalia’s, but regular Mayan sweet yellow will do). Throw all the onions in the pot and continue simmering. Now finely dice the cilantro and separate into two piles. Add a Shiner Bock to the pot along with one of the piles of cilantro and continue simmering. When the level of the liquid gets even with the top of the beans, add another Shiner Bock. You can throw in a bit of seasoning, if you like, but it is not mandatory. Some red and black pepper, a little paprika, a bit of dried chipotle… After an hour or so, you can add the rest of the cilantro. Continue to simmer until the liquid is as thick as you like. Garnish with some fresh jalapeno slices and serve with rice or bread.