Common Sense (Lack Of)

I know that I have blitched right here about various transgressions that I see on the road. Yes, I get steamed about slow pokes in the left (passing) lane. I also loath never_turn_off_the_blinker guy, the person who never quite mastered merging, doesn’t understand 4-way stop person, and the insolent sot who blocks the turning lane when there are 8 cars behind that want to to turn and the adjavent lane is clear. There are a host of irritations. All of these involve common courtesy that should have been learned during Drivers Ed and retained. I was driving to and from a somewhat rural location last week and folks would actually move over to let you pass. Friendly waves and everything. Not so much in the urban areas.

40-something soccer mom was attempting to pilot her spiffy Benz SUV out of a posh West Houston neighborhood. She pulled out from suburbia onto the more major thoroughfare that I was on. Yes, she pulled out in front of me and no there wasn’t anyone behind me. I switched lanes to avoid her. Good thing, too. She WAY oversteered and she ran up onto the right curb and then came back down into the road with a thud. Then she kind of weaved back and forth. I carefully passed her and noticed that she not only was on a cell phone (which was a given), but she was also attempting to read while piloting her vehicle. Did I mention that she also had two kids in the back? Not the seats but the cargo area in the back. Tell me again why we cannot have forced sterilization?


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