Stuffing Envelopes

I’ve just finished up a little mailing campaign for one of the enterprises that I am involved with. Every time I stuff an envelope I think of Sandi Stewart. She taught me how to do it right. What’s this about there being a right way and a wrong way to stuff an envelope? Yep. About 25 years ago I can remember walking past Sandi’s desk at the office. She was very deliberately folding letters and stuffing them just so into envelopes. I was kind of mesmerized with the diligence of what she was doing and actually had the temerity to ask why she was doing it that way. I was rewarded with a wry smile and a “Because it’s the right way to do it.”

Sandi went on to explain that it was important that the first thing a recipient sees when they open the letter was the sender’s name or letterhead image. And just as important was that the recipient should not have to work to see that. The B plan was to stuff the envelope in such a way that the recipient only had to slide out the letter and unfold once to see the name. The A plan was that the recipient merely had to slide the letter out. Most of us fold a letter with the text toward the “inside” of the fold and stuff the envelope. If you put the open edge of the letter situated such that the recipent has to remove the letter from the envelope, turn it around and open two folds to see who it is from… you’ve wasted their time. Sandi folded the letter accordian style and stuffed it so that all the recipient had to do was begin to remove the letter and they instantly knew who it was from. Genius.


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