Of Fowl and Iron

This is a fun time of year for folks who like rustic fare. At least here in the Houston area. I live out in the county (read: unincorporated burbs) and we are now getting covered up with white winged dove. While it’s not hunting season for them… using something other than a firearm to very quietly snag a few from the backyard is pretty easy. For those of you who are already blanching at the thought of eating a game bird… relax. Dove tastes like chicken used to taste. It has flavor and is quite savory without being too gamey. Cleaning them is pretty simple and quick and you are really only going to use the breast meat.

Salt and pepper as many breasts as you like (4-12 per person), toss on a few jalapeno slices and some queso blanco chunks, wrap the breast up with some good slab bacon and then fry it up in a cast iron skillet (cast iron is mandatory).  Black beans and rice with a truckload of cilantro makes a good side dish. If you are skilled, bake up some fresh bread… Otherwise, have Jon Tillman bake it for you and don’t tell him you are eating meat.


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