Picky Eaters

I still enjoy cooking a lot. But having two teenagers in the house means that dietary preferences and timing frequently result in a “non-aligned” gastric approach. Translate: nobody likes eating the same thing at the same time in this house. Getting the whole family together for a home cooked meal that every one thinks is yummy is a rare event. It happened last night.

Family Chicken Rave

3 Chicken breasts, trimmed and butterflied
White wine
Juice of two lemons
Fist full of slivered fresh basil
8 ounces of plain goat cheese
1 package julienne sun-dried tomatoes
2 small jars of marinated artichoke hearts, drained
1 stick of cold butter
Caesar salad dressing
Olive oil
Fresh black pepper
Coarse salt

Pour some Caesar salad dressing in a glass pan large enough to hold the chicken in one layer. Add some black pepper and some salt. Mix and spread evenly on the pan bottom. Lay the butterflied chicken breast on top of the dressing, add some more salt, pepper and dressing and shmear to coat evenly. Cover with plastic wrap and shove it in the fridge for a few hours.

Get a large pan and pre-heat it to medium high. Add a dash of olive oil and lightly brown the chicken breast on both sides. While this is happening, thoroughly clean your marinating pan. Pre-heat oven to 350. Remove just browned chicken to glass pan. Add about a third to half of a bottle of white wine to the pan (how much is dependent on how much you drink while cooking). Add the tomatoes and the basil. Stir well and allow to begin reducing. While this is happening, shmear the goat cheese on top of the chicken. Lick your fingers. Scatter the artichoke hearts on top of the cheese. Back to the sauce, which should be reduced by half in volume. Add the lemon juice and continue reducing. When the volume is down, again, by half, remove from heat. Add the cold butter to the sauce about a tablespoon at a time, stirring to incorporate bit by bit. Pour all of the sauce over the chicken. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes while you are steaming veggies as a side dish.

Bask in the applause of your entire family and even hear both of your children say “this chicken kicks ass, Dad!”. Or something like that.


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