I was never part of the wave of folks that flew the flag after 9/11. I don’t have children or close relatives who currenly serve in the armed forces. But I am proud to live in the United States. We have a mountain of problems (just like any other country), only ours are, well, ours. One of the neighbor’s kids came by the house yesterday. He’s a Boy Scout and they are doing a fund raising project. I gave him $30 and early in the morning on every US holiday, he comes by the house and raises a flag in the little strip of lawn between my sidewalk and the street. Today is Presidents Day.


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  1. February 19, 2009 at 5:36 am

    A 1/4 of the residents on our dead end street are military retirees and flying the flag was a thing we did before 9/11. Before that date, I had a daughter, step-son, and son-in-law serving in Bosnia and Saudi Arabia. My son-in-law has been to Iraq twice, my step-son to Afghanistan three times. They will both go to one place or the other again, I’m sure, as they are career military. I have an older son-in-law who is now out of the military, but served in Saudi Arabia and worked for military contractors in the ME for several years.

    Except for Korea, I have direct ancestors who fought in every was the U.S. had been involved in. For Korea, there are only uncles and cousins. During the Civil War, I had Alabama ancestors fighting for the Union and a Tennessee grandfather who fought for both sides eventually. All he wanted to do was protect his farm.

    One of my ancestors was a North Carolina Regulator who was sentenced to hang, but one of six pardoned by the King. It’s a wonder I’m here, is it not? An uncle was one of 11 survivors of the Palawan Massacre, so it’s a wonder I have the five cousins he sired after his escape.

    Our flag flies every day.

  2. February 19, 2009 at 5:42 am

    was = war up there….

    Another son-in-law never served in the military, but his father was career Army. The son-in-law is an Eagle Scout and that’s just as good.

    I have grandchildren who can claim Native American, Scots-Irish, Filipino, French, and Korean ancestors… on holidays, we are a small melting pot. And I cannot tell you how proud we are to be Americans.

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