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Worthless Posturing

Does it really come as a surprise to anyone that Hamas is again firing rockets into Israel from Gaza? This happened twice while negotitations for a truce were taking place in Egypt. Great show of sincerity. This comes after the United Nations suspended all aid shipments to the Palestinians in Gaza because the silly Hamas leaders kept stealing it. Is this really about a homeland for somebody? Is it about Jews versus Arabs? Or is it really about control? It appears to me that no amount of negotiation, posturing, papering or truce will instilleven a modicum of peace in the region. As my friend, a very much simmering cauldron of directed ager, pointed out: Israel played this superbly and the Palestinians fell into an elegant trap. Israel has been trading blows with the Palestinians since day one. They launched an all out offensive and turned most of Gaza into a dusty rubble pile. Then they pulled out and said “let’s make a lasting peace; no more rockets”. In one fell swoop, Israel set the table to own the high moral ground, illustrate what comes next if a peace does not exist, and establish simple terms for that peace. The Palestinians then demonstrated their own corruption, willingness to steal from themselves, and a lack of ability to negotiate in good faith. Good show. Even the Arab world is growing weary of the whiny brat.