Five Guys Coming Home

The Houston area has some decent burgers. Nothing legendary and nothing dependable, though. I was driving home from an appointment the other day and noticed construction of one of the holy temples of gluttony. My heart leaped. I stopped and thanked the construction workers and asked them very nicely to hurry up.

Five Guys started in and around the DC area and have quickly spread to over 300 restaurants in 25 states. That happens when you are a friggin’ Zagat rated burger joint. So I will be able to properly address my burger fetish near my home. What I did not know is that I could have been doing this already. There’s one already open about20 miles away from me and another that is about 40 miles away. Of course, you can drive all day in Houston and not get across it… and miss half of everything that is new along the way.


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