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Kimberly Dawn Trenor: Convict

My post from a good while back about this semi-human form of filth that killed her own daughter has been getting a lot of hits of late. Her trial ended last yesterday and most of the world rejoiced in a guilty verdict. And then we all were taken aback when we realized that there would be no jury sentencing phase of the trial. That the judge would be establishing the sentence and that the villianous scum could not be put to death because everyone had already agreed to not pursue the death penalty in this case. She is in jail for the rest of her life and her husband will be standing trial separately soon enough. Hubby, though, is still charged with a capital offense. The picture on the left is of “Baby Grace” in, presumably, happier times. The picture on the right is of the plastic storage bin that her decomposed body was found in when it washed onto the shore of a barrier island near Galveston. One can only hope that Ms. Trenor gets accidentaly released to general population.