Tax This

I suppose that Republicans are reacting with glee that so many of President Obama’s choices for positions of importance are having issues with taxes. Daschle apparently paid off at least $140,000 to the Treasury a month after his nomination. Timmy Geithner also appears to have forgotten about paying his tithe to the IRS. Maybe this really isjust a reflection of the people that the government rules, er, represents? Could it be that our tax code is finally so onerous, so ponderous and unwieldy that not even a truly seasoned financier can understand it it, much less comply with it? Is it impossible to really know what a given person owes on a given day? It’s not uncommon for three different tax preparation software packages to come up with three different results, all based on the same data input. Or should we hold our leaders to a higher standard than we hold ourselves? I really don’t know.


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