Super Bowl Gluttony

I’m assuming that I will eventually get some kind of notice saying that I do not have permission to use the name of the big game on my blog. Oh well. I will be heading out in just a bit to have brunch with my mother in law. After that, I will begin assembling all of the snack/appetizer type foods for grazing during the game.

  • A vat of chile con queso made with Velveeta and roasted Hatch chile
  • A couple of pounds of cold boiled shrimp
  • Armadillo eggs (jalapenos stuffed with jack cheese, wrapped with bacon and broiled)
  • Cowboy turds (same thing, but stuffed with refried beans)
  • Various dips and chips
  • Sliced venison sausage
  • Various sodas, beers, juices, and booze
  • Veggie tray with bleu cheese dip
  • One sliced up, left-over Subway sandwich ($5 footlong Spicy Italian)
  • Bowl of Zantac 150 cool mint

As for the game, I have no idea how to bet this thing. The ATS number varies between the Steeler -6.5 and 7. I’d feel more comfy with that number getting to 7.5 and taking the Cards. BUT… the vig (what the bookie charges on a losing bet) wobbles all the way from +105 to -115 to take the Steelers side and -105 to -125 to take the Cards. Has that much money already been dumped on the cards that the book has to jack with the line by buying it? The money line (a straight bet on one team to win) for the Cards has steadily shrunk from anreasonable 240 down to 205. The Prop bets may wind up being more fun to jack with.


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