Domino’s Loves Me!

Most of you know that I have a love of pizza. I’m also somewhat lazy and frequently cop out and order delivery pizza instead of making it myself. I’ve had numerous run-ins with quality and care that the various local franchise have proffered. I’ve taken to ordering pizza by which one has the potential to be least bad and this usually defaults to Domino’s. I can order a diverse selection of pies online and they show up rather promptly and in edible condition (most of the time). I guess that I ordered a few too many times from Dominos last year. Saturday’s mail had a rather large, bulky white cardboard mailer addressed to me. The kind used to send a CD or a DVD. I did not recognize the return address, so I was prepared for some kind of junk mail. Inside the mailer was another envelope. This envelope was heavystock and bright red and lined with shiny foil. A sticker on this envelope proclaimed that “What’s inside is so valuable, we needed two envelopes”. And what was in that envelope? A letter thanking me for being a “true Domino’s MVP” and bearing a coupon for one free single topping medium pizza. Wow. I appreciate the freebie, but we are talking about a whopping $5 value here. Pity that Domino’s doesn’t have fun things like goat cheese as selections.


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