Bloody Marvelous

One of the only upsides to the fact that my father has been in and out of the hospital so much in the past few months is that one of Houston’s best markets is on the way home. Yes, it’s expensive. But they have 100’s of cheeses to choose from, incredible produce, knowledgeable staff, a truly fresh seafood and butcher counter… Just breathing in the bakery can cause loss of muscle control… Well, I picked up a dozen blood oranges. Youngest daughter was somewhat scared of the things. They had a bunch out for sampling and I encouraged her to try some. I just explained that they were like a regular orange, except more. More sweet, more tart, more flavor! She would have stayed at the sample tray for hours if I had let her! Anyway, I just made myself a glass of fresh squeezed blood orange juice. It’s good to be the king!


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