Green or Gross?

Figuring out ways to cut the costs of getting from point A to point B is a cause celebre’. We are inundated with folks showing off their pricey new hybrids (never mind that recouping the cost of those vehicles will take nearly two decades of average driving) and Willy Nelson touts his bio-diesel enterprise in the middle of Texas. Hell, even my neighbor converted his dualie to bio-diesel. He fills up from the grease traps at fast food joints. His truck always smells like french fries, though…

But one has to consider this to be the ultimate in completing the circle… Craig Alan Bittner created “lipodiesel” from his patients’ fat and used it to power his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator, Forbes.com reported this week. Yep, a used-to-practice Beverly Hills fat doc saved all the goo from his patients and burned it in his SUV’s. I knew if I was patient, I would find the grossest and weirdest story of 2008.


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  1. December 29, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    I am intrigued by this idea, as I figure that every delicious bite of fat-laden caloric goodness I ate the past week is now a good investment! Seriously, how many calories to the gallon? When will home liposuction kits become available?

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