Katy Cheerleading Story Grinds On

It’s like the story that just will not go away. Everyone is sick of hearing about it, talking about it, and speculating about it. Two of the five cheerleaders who were indicted have struck a deal. If the teens complete 60 hours of community service, write a letter of apology, and testify in any trials related to the case, they could have their cases dismissed next year. The other five are in court today.

The news comments on this thing are getting pretty pathetic. Some folks are calling for blood while others are decrying the entitlement of the rich. Others want these kids to be turned into examples while others just want this to go away quietly. Le’s inject some facts here. While it has not been determined whether an actual crime(s) has been committed, I think everyone agrees that poor judgement was in abundance. The varsity kids acted stupidly and so did the complicit parents (all the parents of the junior varsity cheerleaders knew that their kids were going to be rousted in the wee hours). These are the first kids ever being charged under the Harris County hazing statutes… how the hell can this be a rich versus poor thing (especially since Morton Ranch is smack dab in the middle of middle class)? And why did the oh_so_concerned mother of the junior cheerleader that started the whole to do call the TV news first… instead of 911?

It really doesn’t matter. This is how the justice system works out. Plea deals are struck every day so that stronger cases can be made against others. If you’ll remember, OJ is doing some serious time while his compatriots got probation. Those who did this have essentially ruined their lives. Think that the two who struck deals are “getting off”? Try trading places with them.


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