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Of Antlers and Progress

Two completely unrelated stories are running around my brain this morning. The first is the story of how a tame captive deer was slaughtered in a Houston-area park. This past Monday night, a poacher or poachers killed and decapitated a tame white-tailed buck that lived in a small enclosure on Bear Creek Pioneers Park in western Harris County. That only the head was taken shows the motive. The criminal(s) wanted the antlers. And Mr. Buck, the naive deer in the pen, had an impressive set. High-sweeping main beams and abnormally long-brow tines made him a target. I have seen Mr. Buck on many occasions and marveled at how he managed to make children and adults smile. And now he is gone.

The second is to wonder how far we have come in the United States. We have elected a black man to be President and he has chosen his female political rival to be Secretary of State. I wonder how the rest of the world will view our progressive accomplishments?

These stories are unrelated but exist in the same “space” in my brain. We’ve come so far, yet exhibit such callous stupidity.