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Now What?

Few things are satisfying in College football for most folks. Only one “school” gets to claim national championship bragging rights and football and getting to that level is a maze of formulas, systems, polls, standings, voo doo, and bowl appearances for decidedly mediocre team. Hell, Vanderbilt is bowl eligible and they just lost to Tennessee! Let’s assume that three of the top 5 (Texas Tech, Texas and Oklahoma) win the rest of their games, which is fairly likely. How on Earth do you figure out which is the better team for BCS purposes? It might mean a difference in bowl “stature” and money. Texas Tech was the undefeated juggernaut. Until last night when Oklahoma opened up a can of whoopass on ’em. So Oklahoma should be better than Texas Tech right now, right? Better than Texas? Texas beat Oklahoma. But Texas lost to Texas Tech. Ouch, my head hurts. Right now, Alabama is undefeated. But they play #5 Florida at the beginning of December and that could leave a whole slew of one loss teams from “big schools” wondering “now what?”…

Despite all this mental masturbation, there is an extremely satisfying event that occurred. Notre Dame lost to Syracuse. Even Notre Dame fans think their football team sucks.