Eat The Words

Anthony Bourdain is one of those iconic TV personalities that succeeded despite himself. And for that, he may have become a tad bit over-exposed. He smokes cigarettes. He uses foul language, takes every opportunity available to lambaste the corn pone and jiggly of his competition (one gets the feeling he’s like to punch Rachel Ray right in the face), and can be surly and demanding. He also is not above trying anything, gastronomically speaking, and will spend an astonishing budget to do so. He doesn’t offer hollow praise, but is refreshingly straightforward when he is enthused. I still watch his shows. And now I have a decision to make.

Anthony Bourdain is participating in the Signatures Author Series.  He is being “presented” for luncheon at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott on Friday, November 21st. That’s a short drive from my house and I think that my wife and I would enjoy his presentation. However, it’s $75 a head (sponsorships are available for $1,250, $3,000, and $5,000). I wonder if there will be complimentary t-shirts? Something crass like a black and white caricature of Bourdain’s face with a slogan like “I F#$ked My Food”.

Of course, there’s also the $250 a head “night” with Bourdain and his pal Kent Rathbun at Jasper’s…


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