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I Have Questions

I so very much want to have at least a month that is absent political drama. But this is America and that is not possible. At the very least, our new President is going to galvanize the nation. Which parts and how much remain to be seen. Whether Obama, or anyone, can wrestle this cluster f#ck of an economy back in shape remains to be seen. I do have some basic questions, though:

  1. Political cartoons are the mainstay of editorial writing. Quite often, a cartoonist will accentuate a person’s features in order to make the cartoon “work”. You may have noticed that Obama is a black man. Will there be “special” rules that make certain features off limits? Or will the first cartoon just draw racist condemnation as a matter of course?
  2. Obama was a cigarette smoker. He, ostensibly, gave it up during the campaign. When does he get caught taking ten on the porch at the White House?
  3. Obama-Biden have a pretty impressive transition site up at Yesterday, there was a detailed plan under the “Agenda” heading to raise the minimum wage, enact some gun legislation, and hire a bunch of cops. It’s all gone and generalized down to a one paragraph vague outline. Is this the way we should expect other news to be released?
  4. It is apparent that the Obama administration is hiring. Is this part of the plan to lower unemployment? Do all of these jobs have benefits?
  5. And speaking of government benefits, the employee contribution for folks who actually use a health care plan provided as a result of employment through the federal government is going up from 6-18% during this open enrollment period. Will federal employees be getting a salary increase to cover this additional expense?
  6. Who will be picking up the tab to have all of those candidate signs cleaned up? Doesn’t matter which party or which candidate. Most of those signs were planted illegally in esplanades and road right of ways. Shouldn’t the candidates and the parties be paying for the haul off?
  7. What are the Secret Service code names for Obama and the First Lady?