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Hail To The Chief

America has received exactly what it said it wanted: change. And change has been wrought in historic, impressive and conclusive fashion. We have resolutely elected a not white man to run this country and be the defacto leader of the free world. It’s impressive. Now what should we expect?

Lots of folks have been making dire predictions about this that and the other thing, depending on who got elected. I doubt that most of those things are going to come true. Here’s why: there are no more leaders. There are only appeasers. Builders of consensus whose sole missions are to herd cats and get re-elected. For this entire campaign we have heard nothing but “reach across the aisle” and “begin a dialogue” and “agree on change”. That’s not leadership, it’s management. I think we just elected a manager. Make no mistake, it has been decades since we had a leader in the White House. And because of that no one man, not Clinton, not Bush, not Obama… is capable of fixing the woes of America and the world. The Deomcrat solution to fixing the ills will be as effective as the bi-partisan approach, as effective as the Republican approach. It will not work. And America will discover that they have no patience for anything other than a quick fix. If Obama doesn’t whip this thing into shape post haste, he’ll be gone in four years and the country will try on another prom dress.

This country was not founded on the concept of government being the font of all activity and the regulator of all wealth. But that is what the country voted for yesterday. I voted. I can complain. Congratulations to the new President. I hope that he has the courage to lead.