Money Is The Lubricant

The government of Libya was responsible for a 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed 270 people, and for a Berlin disco bombing that killed two Americans and hurt 50 others. That started decades of retaliation and snubbing of the African/Muslim country. The United States said Friday it has received 1.5 billion dollars from Libya, the entire sum required under a major deal to compensate the families of victims of terrorist attacks. On August 14, Libya and the United States signed the compensation deal in Tripoli for victims of Libyan attacks and Libyan victims of US reprisals, paving the way for full normalization of ties between the two countries. Under the deal, a US-Libyan fund of 1.8 billion dollars was set up with “voluntary” contributions from firms and other sources — with some 1.5 billion dollars for Americans and 300 million dollars for Libyan victims of US attacks.

Libya has been inching its way back on to the world stage and is diligently trying to paint itself as a “team player”. The United States announced a full normalization of ties, dropping Libya from a State Department list of state sponsors of terrorism and raising diplomatic relations to the level of ambassadors, as well as halting all pending US court action.

That works out to a little more than $5.5 million per death. In slightly different terms, it works out to around $500 per day, per person, since the events took place. Is that the current price of life, of being recognized as a civilized nation? What’s the current tab for 9/11 and who should pick up the check? By my back of the hand calculation, it’s nearly $4 billion. Let us say that we hold all of OPEC responsible for the attack (dem Arabs don’t like us much, anyway, right?). We (the US) import about 6 million barrels of oil a day from OPEC. At a current price of about $68 per barrel, that works out to a little more than $400 million a day. Think we could get a 10 day payment credit to cover the lives of those killed?


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