Will America Burn?

It was through shear effort of will that I avoided the Obamathon on TV last night. I had spoken to a friend of mine who had mentioned a conversation with a member of the Georgia National Guard. They were discussing the alert status and mobility of the national guard in preparation for the election and inauguration. I had commented that this seemed like standard operating procedure to me. Maybe a bit more tension was felt by my friend because he lives in Atlanta? What New Orleans bon vivant Ray Nagin would call a “chocolate city”. It’s hard for me to tell what is what anymore and I frankly do not care. That my friend thinks a calamitous situation will arise during the election, regardless of the result, is pretty disturbing. If Obama does not get elected, the streets will burn because America is racist. If Obama does get elected, the streets will burn because destructive rioting is somehow a “normal” form of celebration (witness NBA championships and soccer titles).

I think that no matter what happens on election day, America is in a pickle. We have no choice to lead, an economy in the crapper, a lack of respect on the global stage, two simultaneous expensive wars to fight, an out of touch legislature and a populous that seems absolutely determined to ignite the race issue at every turn (publicly or privately). Good times.


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