Phở for Whitey

I love phở. It’s all kinds of yumminess thrown in a giant bowl of soup. Kind of a staple of Vietnamese life. Since wifey is still feeling a little under the weather, we thought that a jaunt to the local outpost of Vietnam’s culinary delights would be a good idea. It turned out to be surreal. No, I did not convince her to enjoy a Durian smoothie (I’m certain she would have been instantly cured). We all had different version of soup and let the steamy goodness permeate our souls… with Elton John. For some reason, this restaurant was playing The Greatest Hits of Elton John, Volume I for their background music. A little dated, to be sure, but I was singing along with every track. What was surrealistic was that we were the only table of non-Asians and everyone was singing along with the music. Sort of our West Houston version of kumbayah…


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