What Can UN Blue Do For You?

Just in case you might have been living under a rock for a few decades, I’m here to tell you that there are real pirates plying the open waters off of Somalia. A NATO flotilla sailing toward the Somali coast will begin antipiracy operations within the next few days, but officials said Wednesday that the alliance was still working out the ships’ rules of engagement. The seven NATO warships will escort cargo ships carrying United Nations food aid to Somalia and will patrol the shipping lanes off the Somali coast, where pirates have hijacked more than 25 ships this year and attacked more than 50 vessels.

A few observations… The area most plagued with piracy around Somalia serves as the only trasit point for ships entering and leaving the Red Sea. It also contains key shipping lanes and oil transfer ports or Oman and Yemen. Yet the UN, who has shown no real ability to be more effective with military manuevers than a pee wee football team is at executing a half back option, is calling in the NATO forces to cover their convoys while food and aid get delivered. Umm, I guess so. The food and aid will be stolen by the un-government of Somalia and sold off on the black market. The piracy will continue. Why doesn’t the UN enlist the aid of the military forces of the affected Arab countries (and NATO and anyone else) to patrol these waters and roach the pirates at sea? Strangling the money supply of this pathetic excuse of a nation will see more good than anything else. I wonder if all of these ships will have to be painted powder blue and leave their active radars pinging 24/7?


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