How The Rich Get Arrested

Mr Guerrand-Hermès is a transatalantic polo organiser and financier and is the son of Patrick, a former vice president of Hermès International and president of the Federation of International Polo (FIP). He’s got gobs of gold and is the latest international figure to land himself in trouble over air rage allegations, following Naomi Campbell, the supermodel, Peter Buck, the REM lead guitarist, and Vinnie Jones the footballer turned actor, among others

Check this out… He wanted to fly from Paris to New York to celebrate his 37th birthday, first class, natch. This is where things started to go bad. Here’s the recipe for disaster and demise:

  • Park yourself solo in first class
  • Pop a Propofan pill, which contains the opiate painkiller dextropropoxyphen
  • Proceed to drink heavily
  • Spy the hottie that is also sitting in first class
  • Drink more
  • Wait until hottie’s husband falls asleep
  • Saunter over to hottie and perch on her seat’s arm rest
  • Chat up hottie
  • Hottie rouses husband who tries to get you to leave
  • Other passengers attempt to intervene
  • The flight captain shows up to get things settled
  • Grab flight captain by the crotch and shout “I am not going to behave myself.”
  • Try to throw a punch at the captain
  • Finally get pinned
  • Get yourself handcuffed to your first class seat for remainder of the flight (thus missing the poached salmon with dill sauce and asparagus)
  • Get arrested by the FBI upon landing
  • Get brought before a federal court on air rage charges

I am not making this up. It’s real. They should have handcuffed him in coach. That would have really taught him a lesson.


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