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Coco Bongo

Maybe I should try, one more time, to learn how to do that Latin dance thing?


Mayor White Speaks to Congress

“Houston does not want to suffer a repeat of its experience after Hurricane Katrina, dammit, when the city took in an estimated 100,000 evacuees in 2005 but saw little federal reimbursement for its substantial costs”, Mayor Bill White told a Senate panel this morning.

Speaking to the disaster recovery subcommittee of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, White said the federal government poured $16 billion in emergency relief into Gulf Coast states, but Houston got screwed with barely $60 million to help offset the costs of taking in evacuees.

“Now we have been hit directly, and we need the federal government’s friggin’ help,” he said in prepared testimony.

White asked the subcommittee to help ”customize” the federal response for hurricane relief so that local officials in Houston and Harris County can speed assistance to needy residents.

Unlike you dumb-asses, both the city and county have strong and cohesive local government entities who manage hands-on relief efforts,” White said.

The mayor said he wants Congress to give the Federal Emergency Management Agency authority to contract directly with the city of Houston and Harris County, rather than requiring local officials to work through the turd blossoms in the federal bureaucracy.

He noted that FEMA deals directly with ass hats New York City.

White said Houston is asking Congress to ”get your ass in gear and act expeditiously to both appropriate money to ensure quick recovery after Hurricane Ike and to streamline the process for payments.”

The emphasis was added by The Lone Star Times and based off an original report from the Houston Chronicle. There was no word on what flavor he preferred to name the city after. In other news, it seems as though Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has got his panties in a twist. There, evidently, was a scene involving Houston’s Mayor White:

“You need to be getting these (expletive) trucks out of here.”

The mayor then began arguing with a Harris County sheriff’s deputy over whether trucks full of Federal Emergency Management Agency supplies had been delivered to a distribution site, the witness said. White told the deputy he had just been to the site and about 3,000 people were waiting for supplies.

White went on to say that if nothing was delivered soon, they were ”about to be in a (expletive) riot,” the witness said.

As a result of this, a formal complaint was lodged. The folks who were complaining were a few female volunteers from Georgia who though it was inappropriate to use such language. After receiving a complaint Friday from Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) yesterday asked his staff to investigate comments White made to two Georgia Forestry Commission employees who came to Houston to help manage the distribution of federal and state supplies to area residents hit hard by Hurricane Ike. Perdue said in a letter to Perry that White had “verbally and profanely abused” the women.

Something about wasting time comes to mind…