Power Struggle

It’s 11 days since Ike opened up a can of whupass on Southeast Texas. We still have around a half million folks without power. That’s a huge number and folks are getting a bit ornery over the situation. Let me remind you that this is Southeast Texas. As in, it doesn’t start getting cooler around here until, umm, February. Temps will go above 90 today, tomorrow… and have been sweltering for the past few days. No AC means trying to keep air moving, which means open doors and windows or going outside, which means risking getting carried off by mosquitoes the size of pterodactyls. Oh, did I mention that the incidence of West Nile virus is on the rise?

Restoring power is an involved, bizarre process. People are angry, confused, frustrated and lied to. Yep, politicians are telling their constituents that they will get them moved up in the line. They may be saying that, but it ain’t happening. Truly, the finger pointing and grousing is in full flame. All the while, we have piled up garbage and debris (it’s amusing watching local garbage collectors going through individual cans to make sure that nothing but “household” waste is picked up and not a shred of yard waste), sweltering residents, a patchwork quilt of plastic on roofs, and folks muttering that there is a difference between a white hurricane and a black hurricane. Does this mean that Houston or Galveston (or Gilchrist) gets to become the Crème Brûlée City?


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