Dear Houston Chronicle

I’ve mentioned this before. I’m a bit pissed about the mid-week flyers you toss in evryone’s driveway in my neighborhood. They rarely, if ever, get read or used and usually wind up getting blown about in the gutters and curbs. At the very least, it’s trash that we have to pay to have hauled away. With almost a thousand homes in our neighborhood, that little marketing effort of yours results in tons of garbage that you are not paying to have hauled off. We are. Garbage service costs money.

To make matters even worse, adding insult to injury, you may have actually read your own newspaper and noticed that we had something of a major hurricane disaster in these parts. Hurricane debris is already mounded in giant piles throughout most neighborhoods, including this one, and waste services are bickering at each other as to who will be responsible for clearing it. I’m guessing weeks will go by before the issue is settled. In the mean time, your trash is being added to our trash and making our neighborhood look trashier. I understand that you think it’s clever marketing. Darn clever. You’ve managed to absolutely galvanize many of this community’s residents into NEVER reading the Chronicle again.


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