Post Ike Rant

The cleanup of Ike continues in earnest. President Bush is coming to see the destruction. Whoopee. The fact that the President is coming means we’re going to be taking service personnel off of the clean up to guard his happy ass. Later would be good… It also means that finger pointing and complaining has started to roar.

Look, for the most part, people have learned how to do a better job of dealing with hurricanes. And being poor is not an issue. If there’s an evacuation order and you cannot get out on your own, you call for help and somebody comes and gets you. You follow instructions and things like lives get saved. It’s not black or white, rich or poor. It’s about smarts and lack thereof. If you choose to be stupid and ride out the hurricane in a bait shop on the second story of fishing pier sticking out in the Gulf, then you shouldn’t expect somebody to come rescue your stupid self. You deserve to be evolved on out of here. There were only a handful of deaths because most people had at least a little bit of sense. Now, there’s a lot of folks that are going to be expecting the gubbermint to replace what they lost.

There’s already been a little snit between FEMA, Houston and Harris county over what to do with supplies and who distributes them after they get here. Then there’s already the expected din of “they told me to leave, so will they be buying me a replacement home?” No. Your home would be whacked whether you left or not. The government evacuation order has no correlation or causation effect with regard to your loss.

If you drive out east on Interstate 10, you’ll eventually get to New Orleans. It still hasn’t been fixed. Plastic tarps still flap in the breeze and rubble is still piled up. It is as if everyone is waiting for somebody else to come snap their fingers and fix things in a flash. I’m not picking on New Orleans, but seriously… It’s been 3 years now. Get off your ass, get back to work (and that includes the Katrina refugees not living New Orleans), and clean up. There will probably be comparisons drawn between this hurricane and Katrina. Some will likely go down the road of rich versus poor. I call bullshit already. Folks around here took good advice, did what they had to do, and are now putting their stuff back together. Maybe it’s a Texas thing? Maybe it *is* a symptom of the welfare state? It’s not even 8:00am and I can already hear the chain saws wailing and the hammers pounding. Sure, there will be some aid… but we are not waiting for it to arrive. “Hey neighbor! Need a hand?”


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