Storm Update

We made it through Ike. Some big trees on our lot sustained damage, some small trees uprooted. No leaks, etc. DSL is out so I’m posting this via dial-up on a line that is still working in the house. The damage around me is pretty major, though. Clean up will take a long time.

Looks like a few small tornadoes ripped through here and there are reports that the local Walmart was looted. It could have been worse.


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  1. September 13, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Thanks for posting that you’re okay. I can’t imagine what your clean-up is going to be like. Ike hit Shreveport worse than any hurricane in recent years, but I’ll bet the mess in my yard doesn’t compare to the one in yours.

  2. September 14, 2008 at 8:48 am

    8:47 am Sunday morning.

    It’s been raining all night. Lovely. Looting is not an issue around here, yet. But I’ve already talked to our contract Deputy who patrols this neighborhood and he has said that his entire division is “not noticing” open carry for the next few days. Folks around here are being very neighborly. Parts of this community have power and parts don’t. I’ve invited a few neighbors without to come on in and have a hot shower and take a nap in the AC and most have taken me up on the offer. Kinda cool to have oldest daughter send them on their way with some hot scrambled eggs and such.

    Damage estimate is at around $18 billion right now. That number is gonna fly past $20B easily. 4M still without power, over 97% of the coast refining capacity off line, more than 94% of the natural gas production knocked out. I guess the bright side of this is that there will be a temp relaxation of the gasoline refining requirements for imported juice. Hopefully, that means that we’ll get a break from ethanol and my mileage will come back up ont he Trailblazer!

    In other criminal news… The deputies actually caught one of the idiot graffiti artists who has been tagging up the surrounding areas for months. He’s singing and rolling over. Amazing what a solo night in a local lock up during a storm will do. Ike may become known to locals as the night the spray cans stopped.

    Order of the day is hot coffee, let folks sleep as long as they can, and then glove up and cowboy up. The chain saws will be wailing until dusk and we’ll get as much cleanup done as we can. I’m not so good on a ladder, but we’ll figure out a way to get roof holes secured, etc. Looters will be shot. If you’re not helping, then you shouldn’t even be out.

  3. September 14, 2008 at 8:51 am

    And by the way… Many thanks to folks who have tried to reach out to us to check on our status. Net connectivity is when I can and cell phone service is very spotty. If I missed sending you birthday wishes, I’m sorry, been a little distracted. If I owe you a return call for something, I’ll try to do it as soon as I can.

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